The City of Toronto will start construction on the pedestrian/cycling bridge over the Metrolinx Kitchener / Milton Rail Corridor this summer. The bridge will span from Douro Street to the western leg of Western Battery Road.

This new bridge will provide a convenient and more direct route from Liberty Village to King Street West between Atlantic Avenue and Strachan Avenue. The project is part of the Council-approved 2018 Capital Works Program.

The bridge design includes the following:

  • A 5 metre wide covered and mostly enclosed deck will span the entirety of the 55 metre wide Metrolinx rail corridor
  • Access to the bridge will be provided by a staircase (with a bicycle channel) on each side, as well as elevators for barrier-free access
  • All passageways and approaches will be illuminated for 24 hour access
  • Security measures, such as closed-circuit cameras, open stairs (for visibility), and emergency call buttons
  • Public art will be included in the design of the glass for the elevator towers at both ends

Further details on the bridge design and public consultation is available on the web page:

What to Expect Before and During Construction
Work crews will mark sidewalks and the road with the locations of underground utilities, such as gas, water and cable so that the construction work does not interfere with these utilities.

Affected properties will receive a Construction Notice approximately two weeks before work begins with more information about the work.

Pre-Construction Inspection: The City-hired contractor will need access to some near-by buildings to complete a pre-construction survey. Affected properties will receive a pre-construction survey request to schedule a time to complete the survey.

Tree Removal: The City will have to remove 26 trees from the boulevard. Trees will be replaced with an estimated 84 new trees and shrubs by the Urban Forestry.

Work Hours: Work will take place from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm., Monday to Friday, with work after hours and on weekends as required.

Road and Sidewalk Access: In order to complete the work in a safe manner, there will be road and sidewalk restrictions within the construction work zone. Access for emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times. Access to the dog park entrance will be maintained

Parking: During construction, on-street parking will be restricted adjacent to the work areas, with reduced parking space available on both Douro Street and Western Battery Road.

More information
If you have questions about the upcoming work, please contact us.
Project Manager – Hangang Li, 416-392-8249,
TTY Hearing Impaired Service – 416-338-0889 (7 Days a week, 8 am – 5pm, closed holidays)
General inquiries – 311
Website –

Download a copy of the notice here.