I am very proud to say that today we have had a big win for our Liberty on the GO campaign. Beginning February 1, there will be a more affordable GO fare from Exhibition Station to Union Station – offering Liberty Village residents a reduced fare and a faster, more reliable alternative to the King Streetcar – and in turn freeing up some space on the King Streetcar.


After years of motions at City Council and letters to the Province, we began the Liberty on the GO campaign in 2013 to fight even harder for better transit to and from Liberty Village. Thousands of you signed the petition to get Liberty on the GO, asking for an integrated and reduced fare between Exhibition GO and Union Station so that we could have an affordable alternative to the King Streetcar and even free up space for others on the 504. With your support, I pushed the TTC and Metrolinx to start fare integration now, in Liberty Village. They listened.

Today – Metrolinx announced a Pilot program for a reduced fare from Exhibition Station to Union Station. Because of your advocacy, Liberty Village is now one of two places in the City testing out a new and more affordable fare – to help you take both the GO Train and the TTC to commute within Toronto.


Exhibition GO Station is a short walk from the heart of Liberty Village and will get you to the subway faster than the 504 Streetcar during rush hour.

If you are a TTC Metropass holder, then you can purchase a GO sticker for $60 that will allow you to have one month of unlimited travel from Exhibition GO Station to Union Station. This would normally cost you well over $200.

If you use this every weekday twice a day, you are paying only $1.50 per trip on the GO and saving almost $8 a day. That’s over $150 a month less on GO Transit fares and you get to the subway faster with more reliability.

Now, our work isn’t over. This is only a start and one step towards the fare integration we were asking for. A fully integrated fare would be even more affordable and would not require you to buy monthly passes across two transit systems. And – we are still continuing to advocate for a stop for Liberty Village on the Kitchener GO line. You can see all the details at

While this does not go far enough, it is a huge step in the right direction and we need to give it a chance.

So if you’re a daily commuter out of Liberty Village to the TTC subway line and you already have a TTC Metropass, buy a GO Sticker from Exhibition GO Station for the month of February and give this a try. It’s a reliable alternative from the King Streetcar.

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