The below message is from the Friends of Inspirations:

Thanks to outstanding levels of community support, Inspirations Studio has secured the funds necessary to continue through 2018. The one-of-a-kind ceramics program for marginalized women will remain at its current location at 2480 Dundas Street West through the calendar year, thanks to a commitment from Sistering to contribute to the Studio’s rent and almost $84,000 in funds raised via crowdsourcing, private donations, and the City of Toronto. During this time, the Friends of Inspirations Studio is committed to finding a new home for the program and stable funding to secure the program in the long term.

For 23 years, Inspirations Studio has supported hundreds of low-income women impacted by poverty, homelessness, addiction, trauma, and mental health issues. The Studio helps low-income women learn to craft ceramic goods and develop business skills, so they can earn supplemental income. Through the process, the Studio works to facilitate the recovery of self-esteem, respect, and dignity, and create a community of entrepreneurs. As one decade-long member expressed, “I own what I do and I earned it. I’m in a happy place in my life. I haven’t been homeless again. It has given me purpose. Inspirations saved my life.”

Inspirations was first established in 1994 as a craft collective for under-housed women in a converted church at 761 Queen West. When the 761 Community Development Corporation closed in 2001, Inspirations was taken on by Sistering, which secured funding through the Toronto Enterprise Fund. In 2016, the program lost its funding. Being unable to supplement the program going forward, Sistering planned to close the Studio at the end of 2017 before Friends of Inspirations Studio began their campaign. The Canada Helps campaign ( has raised $32,700 in tax-deductible donations. Inspirations also received $35,000 from the City of Toronto and $16,000 in private donations. Together, these funds will sustain the program through 2018 while a stable source of revenue and a new partner agency are found. This will ensure that Studio members can maintain their essential income, continue to access a safe space to be creative, and retain a sense of meaning and purpose.

Friends of Inspirations Studio is an informal group dedicated to promoting the work and goals of Inspirations Studio. We are members of the Toronto arts, financial, academic, and business communities, who believe in social enterprise as a means of lifting women out of poverty, and artistic expression as a means of nourishing well-being. We always welcome the energy of new members.

For more information:
Friends of Inspirations, – 416 367 2728