Our community’s involvement in the Mirvish Village redevelopment is continuing through a process of committee discussions between Westbank (the developer), Councillor Cressy and myself, the City, four local residents associations, as well as local businesses and other stakeholders.

City Council’s approval of the development included ongoing community input on construction management and planning, site plan, park space, public realm and a new business plan.

The mandate of the Construction Management Committee (CMC) is to provide community input and advice throughout the construction of Westbank’s redevelopment of Mirvish Village and the former Honest Ed’s store. The CMC is an advisory committee and not a formal commenting or decision-making body. The CMC will take a productive and proactive approach to problem solving by reviewing, highlighting potential concerns and working to solve those concerns before they take place.

For more information about the CMC and for an anticipated construction schedule please visit the Mirvish Village Task Group’s website here.