Councillor Joe Cressy and I have sent a joint letter to residents in the Mirvish Village neighbourhood updating them on the approved development plans.

You can see a copy of our letter here [pdf] or read more below.

Dear Neighbours,

As we grow as a city, we must ensure that we are building communities – places where all are welcome, and where we are creating sustainable spaces. This was the primary focus of our work together planning the future of the Bloor and Bathurst intersection and the Mirvish Village development. We worked together to develop a shared vision for our Bloor and Bathurst communities through the Four Corners Study and used those principles to guide an intensive, community-led process of reviewing the Mirvish Village redevelopment proposal. This process greatly informed City staff recommendations on the project. We are writing today to give you an update on the approval of the third Mirvish Village submission recently at the May meeting of City Council. The approved development has been shaped through community involvement in numerous ways that will ensure a better outcome for our community.

As you may know, City Council, following a recommendation of the Bathurst Street Study and a request from the local Councillors and community, directed City staff to work with the local community to study the Bloor and Bathurst intersection. This local community study, called “The Four Corners Study”, began in late 2014 and established a process by which the four communities that converge at Bloor and Bathurst would work together to develop a shared vision for the future of this intersection including the southwest quadrant (the site of the Mirvish Village development application). Approved by City Council in December 2016, the Four Corners Official Plan Amendment (OPA) details a set of requirements including urban design and built form, heritage retention, streetscape improvements, land uses, park and greenspace enhancements, transportation requirements and more, to guide possible future development of properties at the Bloor and Bathurst intersection. Although The Four Corners Study has been appealed to the OMB, the policies within it were used to guide the review of the application to redevelop the Mirvish Village site.
In 2015, Westbank submitted their first proposal for the redevelopment of the Mirvish Village site. It proposed 1,017 rental units, with the tallest building at a height of 29 storeys. Despite plans for the site as purpose-built rental, a new childcare and other components, the initial application fell short of the kind of sustainable and manageable development appropriate for the community.

For two years, we worked together with area communities and residents’ associations – Annex Residents’ Association (ARA), Seaton Village Residents’ Association (SVRA), Palmerston Area Residents’ Association (PARA) and the Harbord Village Residents’ Association (HVRA), local BIAs, businesses, City staff and other stakeholders – towards the objectives emerging from the work on The Four Corners Study.

After two revisions to the proposal, we were able to achieve critical changes that resulted in a more suitable, sustainable, and equitable project for our communities.

We would like to share with you specific details on key components of the approved application, and the changes we were able to achieve as a community.

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