Over the past several years, Ossington Avenue has experienced a significant transformation and continues to emerge as one of Toronto’s most vibrant and exciting neighbourhoods. Our community is changing because public transit, parks, schools, restaurants and a vibrant cultural scene, make it the ideal place to live, work and play, for families, seniors and young people.

The popularity of our community, and its proximity to Toronto’s core, has made it the focus of redevelopment by residential developers. While development applications must be considered within the context of regional and city-wide planning policies, it must also be examined within a local context.

Our neighbourhood needs to develop a clear vision for our community, so that we can make comments on development applications and help shape the development of the neighbourhood. The local community, including residents and businesses, must work together on a plan for how we can protect the unique character of our neighbourhood and build upon what makes our community so special.

The Ossington Avenue Visioning Study will first establish a framework for public dialogue about development in and around Ossington Avenue between Queen Street West and Dundas Street West. The outcome of this dialogue will be a community led vision, within the context of the City’s planning processes and goals, to development the Ossington Avenue neighbourhood in a manner that protects the unique character of the neighbourhood and reinforces its positive attributes.

To help guide me through this process I have established an Ossington Working Group comprised of 18 members including myself. There are 5 neighbourhood associations, 3 Ossington businesses and representatives from 9 neighbouring streets including Ossington. This group is an advisory body that will help me reach out to more people in the area and help with the organization of public meetings listed below.

Upcoming Meetings

Ossington Area Study Meeting #3
Thursday December 13, 6:30pm-8:30pm
CAMH Building, 1001 Queen Street West
See map and details here

Past Meeting(s):

Planning 101 Public Meeting
Wednesday August 8, 6pm-9pm
St Christopher House – Community Hall

Presentation by City of Toronto Planning Staff

Presentation by Terence VanElslander (VanElslander Carter Architects)

Public Area Walk
Wednesday August 29, 6pm-9pm
Meet at Trinity Recreation Centre, 2nd Floor Assembly Room
View Ossington Area Walk map

Public Ossington Visioning Meeting (Area Study Meeting #1)
Thursday September 6, 6pm-8pm
St Christopher House, Community Hall

Ossington Area Study Meeting #2
Thursday October 25, 2012, 7pm-9pm
St Christopher House, Community Hall

Past Assignment:

Community Assignment: Picture Your Ossington

Picture the community you want. What are people doing? How are they getting around?  Where do they go to relax or play?  Where do they shop? What kinds of stores are available?  Where do they go to school?  How are they interacting with one another? How old are they? What do the buildings look like?

The physical characteristics of buildings are the building blocks of our neighbourhood and can often shape the character of our community – the businesses, mainstreets, transportation system and people.

Communities can look, feel and work very differently from one another.  To build the community we want in the Ossington Street neighbourhood, we need to first identify what we want our community to be.  As part of the community visioning exercise, we will use pictures of our community and other communities to visualize what we want our community to be.  We need your help to find these pictures.

Your assignment:

  1. Take digital pictures or find pictures online of different streetscapes and community attributes that you would like to see on Ossington and some that you would not like to see (please focus on what you would like to see)
  2. Submit the pictures by email to councillor_layton@toronto.ca
  3. The pictures will be exhibited for the community to evaluate as part of the visioning exercise.

here are some resources for you to consider:
The links posted below are not endorsements, they are for your information and have been made officially publicly available by the City of Toronto

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