Between January and March 2018, Toronto Hydro is planning to rebuild the aging overhead electrical system in your community to help improve service reliability. The rebuild includes upgrading overhead electrical cables and replacing hydro poles within the City of Toronto’s public property allowance.

The civil and electrical portions of this project are expected to begin by mid January 2018 with an approximate completion date of early March 2018. The project area includes sections of Dupont Street between Ossington Avenue (West) and Christie Street (East). Throughout this project, planned outages may be necessary to switch from the old to the new electrical system and we intend to provide you with advance notice.

Toronto Hydro crews and contractors will take extra care and precautions around your property. Please be advised that as a result of the project, our contractor may be trimming a number of the overgrown trees on the public road allowance in order to accommodate new hydro infrastructure. Upon project completion, affected areas will be restored.

For further information on the project please visit or call 416-542-3366.