*This was originally posted on February 14, 2014 and was updated on February 20, 2014 and March 18, 2014 to include current documents.

RioCan has offered a settlement for 410-446 Bathurst Street, the Kromer Radio site, where the Walmart had been proposed.

Following the very successful anti-Walmart campaign led by the community, RioCan has backed away from the Walmart in this offer and is proposing a retail space of half the size on the second floor only. The third and fourth floors proposed are office space and the ground floor retail spaces have been broken up into smaller units. They have proposed stepping back the building on the back to fit within the angular plane, having less of an impact on the residents behind. They have also proposed stepping back the building on the front to allow for tree plantings.

This settlement offer has been reviewed by City Planning and Legal. Staff submitted a report to the February 25 Community Council meeting with their recommendations on the settlement offer.

This report will now go to the March 20 meeting of City Council. The final Planning report will be available here as soon as it is completed. The Pre-hearing at the OMB for this application has been scheduled for March 24, 2014. Planning and Riocan hope that a settlement can be reached prior to the pre-hearing at the OMB.

Included below are more details on the proposal. Key documents are embedded and others may be downloaded by clicking the corresponding link.

Survey Boundary Plan for 410 Bathurst Street
Development Approval Resubmission Form for 410 Bathurst Street
Functional Servicing Report for 410 Bathurst Street
Loading Study for 410 Bathurst Street
Landscape Plans for 410 Bathurst Street
Site Service Plans for 410 Bathurst Street
Shadow Studies for 410 Bathurst Street
Toronto Green Standard Checklist for 410 Bathurst Street

Application Resubmission Letter 410-446 Bathurst Street

Architectural Drawings 410 Bathurst St

Planning Addendum Letter 410 Bathurst St from Bousfields Inc

Transportation Study 410 Bathurst St from BA Group

**Below are the documents received prior to February 25 Community Council Meeting**

City Planning Directions for 410-446 Bathurst

Feb 12 2014 Stakeholder Meeting Presentation from City Planning

Draft Offer of Settlement_410-446 Bathurst Street

Zoning Amendment Drawing Package for 410-446 Bathurst Street